We  currently participate in many medical and vision insurance plans, including:

You can click on the link above to view your vision benefits and eligibility.

If you are uncertain if you have vision coverage,  please  check with your human resource department or call your insurance company directly and ask the following:

  1. Does my insurance plan provide routine vision benefits and coverage?
  2. What is the name of my vision insurance( it might be different than your medical insurance)?
  3. Can I see any eye doctor of my choice?
  4. What does my plan allow?

For our office to verify your coverage,  we will need the following:

  1. Phone number for verification of benefits
  2. Group, plan or policy number
  3. Social security number or ID of the insured
  4. Member and patient’s date of birth
  5. Name of employer.

Verification of insurance benefits must be verified 24 hours prior to your appointment.